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Trivia night returns!

Trivia night returns!

Melba’s fabulous Trivia Night is back!

Save the date

If you know your Melbourne Cup winners from your Australian Prime Ministers; can deftly rattle off whose faces and which furry animals feature on our bank notes and coins; know which rivers run which direction through which Australian states (and territories); and know who won Idol, Masterchef, MKR and (soon) Survivor this year, then you’re all set for an excellent night!

All the details are in the attached flyer…180726 Trivia Night – save the date

SAVE THE DATE – and book your place early!


Until then, some quizzical questions to leave you in a quandry…

What does the I stand for in CSIRO?

In which year did Cyclone Tracey hit Darwin?

In a deck of playing cards, what is the only king without a moustache?

How many dots are there on a pair of dice?

In which films would you find the character…
… John McClane?
… Hedwig?
… Michael Corleone?

(The King of Hearts; The Godfather; 42; WALL-E; Die Hard (series); Industrial; 1974; Harry Potter (series) – but not necessarily in that order) 


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