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Specialist Disability Accommodation reforms welcomed by Melba

Specialist Disability Accommodation reforms welcomed by Melba

The recent announcement made by the Australian Government about Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) reforms for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has been welcomed by Melba Support Services.

Last Friday, the Australian Government announced reforms which introduced immediate changes that aim to improve choice and control for eligible NDIS participants, build market confidence and drive stronger investment in SDA.

“Having a safe, secure and accessible home can change someone’s life dramatically, and it’s a fundamental part of living a wonderful and fulfilling life for anyone,” said Mr Glenn Foard, Chief Executive Officer at Melba Support Services.

When the NDIS is fully rolled out, it is expected that almost $700m in SDA payments will be made each year to support almost 28,000 participants requiring a specialist housing solution.

The creation of additional housing options, providing individuals with disabilities with housing choice, has been a continuing goal at Melba Support Services for many years. Melba is now working on six projects with various partners to deliver homes for some 50 people in the future.

“Through these recent SDA reforms, for the very first time, SDA funding can be included in participant NDIS plans up front. This means people can go and find somewhere to live with the confidence and assurance that the funding is already in their plan,” said Mr Foard.

“Unfortunately, the past process has been quite time-consuming, and people will often go through a housing application process under a cloud of doubt as to whether or not they are actually eligible for SDA funding.

“The result of these SDA reforms should mean that we avoid uncertainty about eligiblity for SDA funding. People can plan their housing goals in a clearer, and hopefully, in a quicker way,” said Mr Foard.

“In addition, we believe that these SDA reforms will open up the potential for more housing developments for people with a disability. Stability in SDA prices will give investors more confidence in deciding whether to make an investment in SDA housing, and in turn, increase the supply of accessible housing for people who desperately need it.”

“These SDA reforms should bring much needed help for individuals looking for safe, secure and accessible housing options. We look forward to seeing the people we support reach their personally defined outcomes as a result,” said Mr Foard.

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