What is the Progressive Studio?

The progressive studio provides weekly access to artists who identify as having a disability. Progressive studio operates as an open studio environment where artists attend in a set block of time to work on individual projects and directions. The leading artists are practicing visual artists and can assist and offer direction in the studio. The studio encourages artists to exhibit and develop their art practice whether this is a beginning or experienced level.

Artists will be informed of exhibition opportunities in both mainstream and disability led events though out the year when these events arise.

Participants: Adults who identify as having a disability

Eligibility: Emerging or established artists interested in exploring art career pathways

When: Thursday (by appointment) in 3 hour blocks 10:00-3:00pm

For a complete listing of Arthur’s Art Programs you can download an Information Pack (DOCX, 166KB)

For full program details & costing information email melba@melbasupport.com.au