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Supporting someone to lead an everyday life – something that resembles yours or mine – includes more than just the basic life essentials.  It’s about getting to know a person, listening to them and helping them to achieve their goals and dreams.

We are very proud of Melba’s record of ensuring people are safe and enjoy the best possible quality of life.   We provide service of the highest quality that is individualised, responsive and flexible.

To help us continue to provide a level of service that is internationally recognised as excellence with distinction, we need your help.

Current Appeal – Dog Buddies

At Melba, we strive to open up a world of possibilities for the people we support.

We understand how important it is for people with disability to have friends and acquaintances, get out and about in their community, and enjoy the experiences which make up the simple joys in life.

That is why we are working towards establishing an exciting new program called Dog Buddies.

Dog Buddies will link the people we support, especially those living with complex physical and intellectual disabilities, with suitably matched dogs and volunteer dog walkers based on a mutual passion for dogs.

This program will be beneficial in many ways. It can create opportunities for people to connect with their community, help improve the overall health and wellbeing of the people who participate, and foster friendships.

If you have ever had a dog, you know they can be a catalyst that leads to wonderful conversations and interactions with people you might not otherwise talk with. A small-scale research project involving people with disability and their dogs conducted by Dr Emma Bould of LaTrobe University has confirmed the potential for all sorts of what Emma called ‘convivial encounters’. We want to build on Emma’s work through our Dog Buddies program. Dogs don’t just make great friends; they can help create new friendships!

We are asking you to play a special part in bringing Dog Buddies to life.

Dog Buddies is an exciting new initiative, but if you prefer we also welcome donations to support Melba’s work more generally.

Every donated dollar is greatly appreciated and will make a tremendous difference to the people we support. Gifts over $2.00 to Melba Support Services Inc are tax deductible.

Your donation will directly benefit the people we support.

You can donate by:


Give a secure one-off or recurring donation online


To donate by phone, call (03) 9212 0100. Please have your credit card details on hand when you call.


To donate by mail, please download the printable donation form and post to: Community Relations, Melba Support Services, PO Box 554, LILYDALE VIC 3140


To donate by fax, please download the printable donation form and fax to (03) 9739 5188.

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