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Kerry’s zest for life – a true inspiration to others!

Kerry’s zest for life – a true inspiration to others!

In many ways Kerry is your typical happy, confident and fun-loving woman. Kerry gets a kick out of watching garden shows, enjoys her regular trip to the hairdressers, and loves pulling out her trusty recipe books to bake her favourite sweets. She also loves going to cafés, seeing her friends, and being from a large family, she adores the times she spends catching up with her family.  

Kerry has been supported by Melba since 2008. In that time, she has gained so much in confidence, learned great skills, and followed so many of her own personal interests and passions.

Melba’s Eucalypt home is where Kerry calls home in Lilydale. She also enjoys working and participating in activities at Melba’s Wray Crescent site in Mount Evelyn. On Thursdays and Fridays, through Melba’s Individualised Support services, Kerry is also supported to get out and about and enjoy the activities she enjoys doing most – many times that’s going to a café or going shopping.

Kerry does all her own shopping, banking, pays her own bills, and is well known at the places she visits during the week. This includes going to the Wandin newsagency where she loves picking her favourite magazines and striking up a regular chat with the newsagent – the two have gotten to know each other quite well over the years.    

To the staff who know Kerry, they all describe her as being such an incredible person. Her zest for life, they say, is so infectious to all those who get to know her. 

They also say that there’s a side to Kerry that we can all feel inspired by. When it comes to her generous spirit, she’s got the most wonderful track record donating her time and positive energy to wonderful causes.    

Kerry has spent time donating blankets to a dog shelter in Coldstream. She’s also put her amazing baking and plant growing skills to practical use for a wonderful cause. She has sold her own home-grown tomato plants, and baked sticky date puddings, with all proceeds going towards raising money for a special fitted car for the Wandin Fire Brigade.

Eucalypt Home’s Outcomes Lead, Kym Fraser, beams with pride when talking about Kerry and all the ways in which she actively contributes to her local community. 

“We all thought that she was a pretty amazing person when we first met her. At the time when she first moved in, you could say that she was in a little bit in her shell. Now, I can really say that she really is a righteous woman who knows exactly what she wants in her life!”

“She’s really out in there in the community, doing all sorts of wonderful things, including fundraising and putting her time and energy towards some great causes.”  

Kerry’s increased level of confidence in herself has really stood out to Kym over the years. “For instance, she’s gone from standing behind us to purchase items at a shop at the beginning, to now talking directly to the shop keeper,” explained Kym. “It’s so lovely to see how much she’s really blossomed!”

Photo of Kerry and support worker
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