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Jamie’s Dinner Party

Jamie recently successfully completed a 7 week Cooking Course at Jamie Oliver’s – Ministry of Food in Geelong.

Jamie’s Saturday mornings started at 5am, to ensure he was on time to catch each train required to get to Geelong. Jamie required support with public transport as it was some distance from home with trains and bus.

This whole process was carefully planned weeks in advance, with a trial run before the big day.

Jamie has gained immense confidence in cooking, reading, comprehension of the tasks at hand and public transport travel.

Due to all of the skills Jamie has developed, he now has the confidence to actively look to pursue a lifetime dream of working in a professional commercial kitchen.

Jamie and his support staff had explored other opportunities to work at local cafes but this did not satisfy Jamie’s passion to establish a career in restaurant based cooking, he wants to be a chef!

With the successful completion of the Jamie Oliver course, he is now a few more steps closer to achieving a life goal. Jamie and his support staff will now explore work options in his local area which may lead to successful career choices in his chosen field of work.

To celebrate his skills learned at the Jamie Oliver cooking course, Jamie held a dinner party for 6 people. He developed the delicious menu and purchased the ingredients for the culinary delights. Jamie spent the day preparing and cooking for his guests with the support of his sous chef, Mal.

The evening was a huge success with abundant delicious food, a dessert to die for, great company and lots of laughs. Well done Jamie!!

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